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When doing a Client Assessment, what happens when I click on "Save for Later"?
When a Client Assessment is "Saved for Later," it is in temporary storage.

While in this pending state, if the Client Record is updated in HM5 (e.g., phone number, address, emergency contact), then the assessment will become corrupt and will not be able to be saved at a future time.

To find out which assessments are in a pending state (and which client records should NOT be touched):

  • Go to "Clients" tab
  • Click on Client Reports
  • Open the Incomplete Assessments Non-Medical report and run it without any filters (this will show which assessments are in progress and have not been signed yet
Until they are off this report, the associated client records should not be edited or updated.

Nurses can also access this same report when they first log into the Client Assessment area.

Last Updated 5 years ago

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