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Assessment (reassessment) is BLANK!!
The only time an Assessment is truly blank is when this is a brand new client that has never had an assessment.
Any other assessment/reassessment is not blank - information is hidden under the update/review/no change  button.

Assessments and reassessments that were done in the previous software have been saved and are located in the client report area (where they were always located previous to the update).

NOTE: To view the last assessment do NOT begin a new assessment.

The instructions below are to begin a reassessment (this is defined as having 1 or more previously completed assessments and an actual reassessment is being performed. This is NOT the procedure for reviewing an old assessment)

  • Enter the time in (this is the approximate time that the assessment began in the client home
  • Enter the date the assessment was performed on the client (today's date or if you are working off paper then the date you were in the client's home)
  • Enter the type of assessment. (i.e. reassessment)
Next, make sure that client information, emergency contacts, living environment (all items on this first screen) are still accurate.
  • If they are accurate click next for section/screen 2
  • if something needs to be changed click edit in the corresponding section, make changes, click update in that section.
Starting with the second screen (section 2) each section initially appears blank but DOES contain any previously entered information.

Follow this procedure:
  1. Click the UPDATE button
  2. Select REVIEW      (Information entered previously is now visible.)
  3. Changes? Select UPDATE, make changes (proceed to next section) 
  4. No Changes? Select NO CHANGE (proceed to next section)

Repeat this in each area until the assessment is complete.
If there is a section your office does not use you can leave it blank.

PLEASE NOTE: IF REVIEW IS NOT SELECTED (to bring into view previous information) then the selection will show as blank and save as blank...what you see is what will save. The only way to lock in last times information is to actually click review (then no change or edit) and bring that information into view.

This affects only your current assessment, it does not go back in time and change previously saved assessments.

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