Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating with Online Care Portal Users
The Online Care Portal allows users to send appointment requests and messages directly to you in your local office.

Reading Messages

  1. Incoming messages can be reviewed and responded to by clicking on the mailbox icon on any HealthManager page. image
  2. Once on the messages page, you will see a list of all messages from the Online Care Portal on the left panel. Clicking on the subject of a message will display the message on the right panel.image
  3. Below the message will be a text box where you can compose your reply to the portal. Enter your message here and click the submit button to continue the conversation.
Sending a message to the Online Care Portal can only be performed if a message has first been received from a user on the portal.

You may receive a shift request from a portal user. However, the shift will not be added until a representative from your office contacts the requestor to confirm that a caregiver is available, who the caregiver is and the exact time of the shift.

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