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User setup and access
Access to the Online Care Portal is limited to users who have received authorization from both the client and the local office administrator. Click here to learn about authorization.

Granting access to view a client's profile, schedule and medical history is done from the client's profile in HealthManager5.

  1. In Health Manager, navigate to the Clients Tab
  2. Search for and pull up the client record
  3. From the Client Record, click on the Online Care Portal Access button to display the control window.image
  4. Click on the Add new record button to add a new user.image
  5. Enter the full name of the authorized family member, and the user's relationship to the client. Then, define a username and password for this user.
    1. If this user is allowed to see the client's schedule, then check the schedule checkbox.
    2. If this user is allowed to see the client's medical history, medications, care plan and assessment reports, check the records checkbox.
  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 to add another user. Click on the Save button to save your changes. Once you are presented with a message stating "Portal Access Saved Successfully" then your information has been saved.image

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