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Refund an overpayment
A client has overpaid and you have written them a check to zero out the balance or
A client has terminated services, their deposit has been applied and that leaves an over-payment that needs to be refunded.

Here is how to post a refund in HM5

Go to:

General Tab, settings button, payment types mini tab
Add new record and call it refund or reimbursement. Save.

Go to:

Billing tab, invoice posting button
Check number write refund
Payment type select refund or reimbursement (what you decided to call it).
You can change the Deposit date to reflect the date you wrote the client the check if necessary.
In the amount of the check there (but as a negative)
So if the refund is for $100.00 put in -100.00


Select the invoices mini button
Type in your client name and click the search magnifier
(at this point you should see amount available for posting ($100.00) and a listing of all invoices.
Select which invoice this refund will be applied to and type it in, under the posted column, again as a negative number


Above the amount available for posting should be zero
And the amount posted for client will be in parenthesis ($100.00)
Click apply
On the main screen click the post button

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